Ennouncements - April 16 - April 24, 2011


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Ennouncements - Saturday, April 16 - Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holy Week Events:
  Sunday, April 17 - Palm Sunday Worship at 4:30pm at The Pilney
  Join us for Palm Sunday.  The Gospel will be Passionate.  Coffee, lemonade, and snacks will be served.  We'll even do some spring cleaning by beginning our worship by picking up the area surrounding The Pilney; please dress for the weather and bring gloves (for work and warmth). .
  Thursday, April 21 - Maundy Thursday Feast Day at 6:00pm at The Pilney
  Too Much Love - Maundy Thursday meal and worship.
  Friday, April 22 - Operation Caffeination at 7:15am at The Pilney bustop
  If you'd like to either volunteer for OpCaff neighborhood outreach or donate to the coffee and doughnuts kitty, contact Brie. Friday, April 22 - Good Friday at 6:30pm Good Friday Seed Bomb Making Event has a new, sheltered location. Come to the alley/garage of 971 Armstrong Ave (Houges). 6:30PM on Friday. That's right...bomb making in our garage. (The neighbors have not only been warned, but invited.)

Saturday, April 23 - Easter Vigil at 6:00pm at The Pilney On this holy night, when our Lord Jesus Christ passed from death to life, the church invites her members throughout the world to gather in vigil and prayer.  The Easter Vigil is made up of four services: the Service of Light, the Service of Readings, the Affirmation of Baptism, and the Service of Holy Communion.  Stick around after the Vigil for a resurrection breakfast.  Waffles, friends.  There will be waffles.

  Sunday, April 24 - Easter Sunday - NO WORSHIP 
  Humble Walk will not congregate on Easter Sunday. Please feel free to explore our neighboring congregations for Easter Sunday services.  Go out and bear witness to the resurrection.
Welcome to the world, Zoe Elizabeth Rimbo. Welcome to the world, Zoe Elizabeth Rimbo.  Congratulations Justin, Angie, and big brother Owen. Praise God for the gift of new life.
April 2011 Worship Volunteers:
We've switched our weekly volunteer worship positions to be a monthly commitment; if you are unable to attend one of your dates, please ask someone to cover your commitment.  And, thank you.  You make our church go 'round.
  Communion Bread:  Amanda B.
  Communion Assistants:  Lydia H., Ana H.
  Prayers of the People:
  Dish Washing (one Feast Day, the rest just cups):
  Offering Counter (2):  Ana H.,
  Altar Guild (set up and put away altar):
  Hospitality (make beverages, bring snack, clean up):Contact Jodi to sign up for any open spaces. You’ll feel better if you do.



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