bus stop coffee nutjobs

 Do you know what's funny about serving coffee and donuts at the bus stop on Friday mornings? People try to evangelize to you. I know! It's funny--because you think you are doing this brave, risky sort of Jesus work. Standing around a portable table with coffee cups and glazed donuts...making conversation with folks waiting for their AM bus. Hearing about what their day holds for them. Continuing conversations that were started six months ago at the same bus stop. And then, here comes a kind woman with Watchtower tracts for you. A few minutes later, your conversation with another woman suddenly turns down a weird (but somewhat familiar) street called End Times. She wonders about you and your eternal salvation and if you understand all the codes in Revelation. It's slightly awkward (well, come on, what isn't slightly awkward about bus stop coffee). Normally, this conversation shuts you down. But, there is something so open and sincere about her and her comfy tennies that you can't help but love her--despite her theological scare tactics. You mumble something about spending most of your time in the Gospel, but then the bus comes and you are equal parts mystified and relieved.

The following week, this woman has left a note taped to the window of the Pilney for the coffee servers. It's hand written, slightly wacky, but full of concern for your understanding of Tribulation. Again, you want to write her off as a nutjob. But you can't help but admire her care and concern for the coffee folks.

Bus stop coffee is funny.