Is this the Victory Feast? Yes, it is.

During the liturgy with John Hermanson last fall, we sang, "Is this the victory feast for our God? Or a foretaste of the kingdom?" (My kids are still singing that line around the house now and then). The answer? "Yes, John, it is." Both. And.

This Sunday, it's Humble Walk's feast day. We gather at 4:30...grill hotdogs on the sidewalk in front of the Pilney (on a GRILL you punks) and we eat a feast entitled "Let the season of spring/summer begin!" Just rolls right off your tongue, doesn't it? At the end of the meal, we gather for prayer and share communion. Somewhere in the middle-everyone will get to hear about Humble Walk's upcoming adventures (which means YOUR upcoming adventures).

From bike blessings to Summer Homework to ice cream socials...there are so many hopeful things on the horizons...sigh....

Besides, after that crazy snowfest of a winter--it just feels good to see one another.  Feast. Foretaste. This is the kingdom.