Announcements - March 19 - 27, 2011

Humble Walk Lutheran Church Announcements Saturday, March 19 - Sunday, March 27, 2011

 Welcome to our first set of ennouncements!  

As part of our new communications initiatives, Humble Walk is sending out weekly announcements, electronically.  Therefore, they're ennouncements.  We're going to try to get them out the Friday or Saturday before the weekend and have them extend through the week until the following Sunday.  Important dates, events, and general ideas for us to be made aware of--or keep on our radars--will be sent out in these ennouncements.  (And, if "ennouncements" is a little too cutesy, you can let us know.  We'll knock it off and call them what they are.)

If you'd like to put anything into the ennouncements, send an email to



Sunday, March 20 - Worship at 4:30 - Part 2 of walking through the Bible narrative, Noah and The Ark.  Coffee and lemonade will follow worship as will an hour-long special presentation, BIBLE 101, by our intern, Michelle Walka.  Bring an item with you to worship for BIBLE 101 that is bigger than a breadbox.  A prize will be given to the person who brings the most interesting object.

Thursday, March 24 - Lenten Dinners and Fellowship - Sign up to participate, details TBD.  We're trying to organize weekly Lenten meals within the congregation at various homes.  We'll need homes, people who'd like to bring the meal for that week and home, and people to partake in the food and fellowship.  Email Michelle Walka if you are interested.

Sunday, March 27 - Worship at 4:30 - Part 3 of walking through the Bible narrative, The Testing of Abraham.  Coffee and lemonade will follow worship.

Other items:

Feast Days:  We have started a new way of sharing our time together as a church that does not always include sitting down together for a meal.  We've been sharing snacks, coffee, and lemonade following worship and then celebrating a Feast Day the first Sunday of every month.  The next Feast Day will be Sunday, April 3, when the entire service will be comprised of eating together a meal that has been provided (not potluck) by members of the congregation followed by the Word, the Prayers of the People, and Holy Communion. Please join us at the table.

State of the Congregation:  We've had many exciting things happening around Humble Walk, much having to do with Spring, but also with our newly formed Leadership Committee: Slade Thompson (finances), Grant Applehans (education), Brie Trovall (hospitality), Andy Lien (communications), as well as our intern, Michelle Walka, and Pastor Jodi.  We're putting together an update and plan to talk a little about it during the Feast Day meal in early April.  If you can't make it to Humble Walk that day, you'll also get an update by way of the ennouncements.

Contact information:  Be sure to check out our newly retooled website at as well as note that you can use the following email addresses to get a hold of the folks at Humble Walk.  Pastor Jodi Houge:, Youth & Family Intern Michelle Walka:, and Humble Walk Happenings:  Join the our Mailing List for Ennouncements:  Sign up here.

Thank you and have a blessed day.

Humble Walk