you are dust

Do you think it's a tiny bit crazy that millions of people will line up to get a cross made out of ashes on their heads tomorrow? They will willingly enter worship and walk to the front of the worship space to hear the words, "You are dust. And to dust you shall return." It's like a morbid altar call. The truth is that I love Ash Wednesday. It's my favorite day in the church calendar year because there is not room for BS. No glitz. No stressful or huge expectations that will inevitably be squashed once the day is over. No pretending. Because, to quote Jonathan Rundman's song Ashes, "everyone sees the big sun setting. Everyone rides the hearse." The rest of our days are spent running from death. But not Ash Wednesday. Tomorrow, we get to sit with the idea--mull it over--acknowledge it.

So, get thee to a church tomorrow. Go forward, hear the words, get some ashes on your head, know that you are enough and are loved on both sides of the grave.