this is just crazy

Do you want to know what is crazy? A friend of mine was at Sunday AM worship at Christ Lutheran on Capitol Hill and overheard someone tell a visitor, "We also have a mission start called Humble Walk. It's on West 7th." and " They are working on becoming more 'adult friendly'." Does that strike you as all? Friends, it's weird. Here is why... 1. Christ Lutheran thinks of us in this an extension of who they partners. Not as competition. This is huge. More than huge. It's a church revolution. Now, if you know Christ Lutheran, it's not surprising. Buuuut, if you are familiar with the way we churches tend to compete---it's shocking. In the most delightful way.

2. We are working on becoming more adult friendly. Hilarious and true (and the Evening Prayer service enters from stage left). Having been in many, many local churches--I can tell you that our demographic is at the opposite age bracket as the majority.  That we need to work on making more space for our adults is huge. More than huge. It's a church revolution. Albeit, small and humble. It's a revolution just the same.