Shania Twain said it best.

"Looks like we made it." -Shania Twain.

As our city/state turn into one big sloppy puddle, I can't help but think: "We did it. We survived another winter." Glory be to Jesus. Sunday was so lovely that we propped the door to the Pilney open during our gathering/prelude hand drumming. You know what happened? Four neighbors wandered in...wondering about us and the space and what we are up to. Glorious to shed the outer layers and cocoon and face outward.

On Monday, Feb. 21st...our K-5th graders get to meet at the Pilney (with Michelle, twist) from 10-noon. Friends are welcome. Theme: working together.

On Wednesday, Feb. 23...gather at the Pilney for Evening Prayer. 8PM.

As a follow up to Sunday's Gospel/sermon...I give you: Liturgy mean "the work of the people." And these folks do some fine work.

This Sunday, we continue down the glocal worship road, led by Grant and Friends. Come early and do some hand-drumming...all levels welcome from 4-4:30PM.