Jesus on tap (water to wine?)

And finally, #4 skinnersIf Jesus were to take a walk around the West End and stop in at Skinner's to chat with people, what would his to-do list be at the end of the day?

Responses from worship: *Booking Skinner's for the Last Supper (does this mean we should have Maundy Thursday worship at Skinners?) *Feeding people (real food) watering people (with real drink) *Provide meaningful work (or perhaps just work) *Go about things in a way that includes all ages *Teach people, probably in public *Remain within reach/make sure he was accessible *Create community (and recognize the happiness in that)

And from the conversation on Facebook... *Recognize the drug/alcohol addiction (which leads to self-loathing and despair) *Recognize poverty (with the long lines at Joseph's Coat speaking to this) *See the homelessness (and surely identify with it--as Jesus was homeless) *Pouring out love so that we might all be free *He would probably start by turning water into PBR...errr...I mean Premium *His to-do list would be to do it again tomorrow. Jesus would hopefully see that, like billboards, repeat (somewhat neutral-but-good) "impressions" with such an audience would do wonders for his public relations strategy. He'd be accessible, approachable and well nacho'd. *He would call a few people out of their fish-houses (or, take up ice fishing?) *Most of all, he would love all us riff-raff to death

And you would add...?