Bread Church, Part 2

bread-2 I've found great kinship in the author of this bread church book (Mixed-Up Blesssing by Barbara Glasson).  Here's what I like today...

"The notion of inclusiveness has a certain political correctness to it. It is right and proper that all people of any race origin, sexuality or ability are treated as equal human beings. I hope that goes without saying. It is however for this very reason that I believe there is a hint of paternalism about the notion of "inclusiveness." Who is including whom? In order to include someone there needs to be someone on the 'inside' doing the including. That person holds the power and sets the terms on which any inclusion is going to happen."

Dang it. She's totally onto something. It stings a bit, doesn't it?

But then she goes on to quote James Alison (On Being Liked) who prompts us to acknowledge our place in the periphery. This is good news--our place out here in the periphery--because then we all have something to learn/give/receive. It shifts the power.