hosting/being hosted

I've been thinking about the idea of "hosting" and being "hosted." I love, love, love to host. Parties, conversations, overnight guests. You get to set the agenda, mood, table. Of course, it's what we do every week in worship. That's obvious. But unlike most other events, we never have to restrict the guest list. We get to invite as many people as we want...and we aren't limited to demographics.

On the other hand, as a congregation...we are hosted all the time. First by Fresh Grounds and now by the owners of the Pilney. By Skinner's Pub. By a ton of area coffeeshops. Once you get past the "oh, that's nice," begin to admit that it's actually sort of hard--to be perpetual guests.

The role of Perpetual Guests serves as a constant reminder that we could be kicked out. That we need to remember our manners. That we are on the receiving end. There is a certain amount of power you have as host...and it's always humbling to receive.