There is something new at HW. Structure. (I KNOW!) A group of four (plus Michelle, plus yours truly) have agreed to meet twice a month. We spend the first half of our time eating (shocking) and studying the upcoming Sunday's Gospel. The second half is vision/process/task.  This group meets for the next few months together--then two will rotate off, and two of you will rotate on. Not to worry, my friends. You will get your chance. For far, we have identified key areas for these leaders to take up the reins. Hospitality, finances, education, communication, print material and the creation of a monthly midweek evening prayer service geared specifically towards adults. I know! It's amazing.

Committee, council, leadership team, discipleship group, think tank. You can call it whatever you want.  I'm honored to be the pastor of this highly gifted (and also funny) church body.

You will hear more about/from this team in the coming weeks. If you have specific questions, contact Slade, Brie, Andy, Grant or Michelle. While they are doing all this work, I've decided to take a sabbatical...somewhere warm...