Advent at home

 The people I live with fully embrace an evening ritual during December. Every single night before bed, we shut the lights off and light candles (one for each week of Advent). advent-wreath We ask each other the best and the worst part of the day. We often read a Bible story. We sing. We pray. Then two out of the four eat a piece of chocolate from the Santa Advent Calendar. The whole thing lasts about ten minutes. If friends are over, they join us. Often, one member of this household runs a few laps during the story. And then another lap during the prayer. Perhaps you have noticed that it's dark. And cold. (Which I secretly love. Well, not so secretly, I suppose.) We need things like flickers of candle light to remind us of hope. During this bleak mid-winter, we need to bring evergreen inside to remind us of the persistance of life.

Go on. Lights some candles. Good things are on the horizon.