Have a cow, please.

Below is a guest blog from Michelle, our youth and family leader...  Looking for a good gift to give?  How about through ELCA Good Gifts.  ELCA Good Gifts, the giving catalog of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, lifts up more than 65 gift ideas filled with meaning and love.  This is a special way you can help make a significant impact on the mission and ministries of our church while giving a gift to a friend, pastor, teacher, neighbor or other loved one in an alternative way… by helping brothers and sisters in Christ here and around the world.

This advent, our Humble Walk children voted to participate in the ELCA Good Gifts Global Barnyard with the challenge of raising enough for a cow! cow These animals are provided for families living in poverty and a cow has got it all!  Its milk, fertilizer, calves, and meat can quickly strengthen a family's financial stability and may help them escape hunger for good.  The donation for a cow is $500, so start saving and sharing.

For these next couple of weeks we will be having a special offering along with our regular offering to help raise the donation needed for the cow.  There are barnyard boxes you can take home with you to save during the week and then bring them back each week to put in the milk jug offering can.  Ok Fellow Humble Walkers… Let’s Make it Happen.

Don’t forget to check out www.elca.org/goodgifts for more ways to give as well as cool cards and e-cards to tell your loved ones about this awesome gift of love and life.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at mwalka001@luthersem.edu.  Thank you and Happy Good Giving.