tents of hospitality

coffeeTwo Fridays ago, I joined the early morning coffee givers/drinkers at the corner of Randolph Ave and West 7th. A handful of folks from HW meet there on Fridays with airpots of hot coffee, fresh fruit, baked goods and bakery donuts. A little table under the awning of the Pilney. A little tent pitched in the name of hospitality. Stamping cold feet, frozen breath. What I noticed--is that even after just a month of showing up--people recognize one another. "Oh, there's so and so." "Hey, where were you last week?"  "Did you remember the donuts this time?" In the coffee shop biz, these are Regulars.

I like that we have Regulars. I like that we are Regulars.

I also like that a couple months ago, someone said, "I want to serve coffee at the bus stop. Once a week." And then the next week, there they were.