Baptisms and Bus stops

Man, the Pilney was packed and rocking on Sunday. For the record, we have officially signed up to join the effort to bring flannel boards back. This Sunday, we have our final week with Is This the Victory Feast? led by John Hermanson. A well of gratitude to Mercy Seat Lutheran for funding this liturgy and to John for creating the magic. pouring-baptism

We will gather around Jason, Erin and Ellis as Ellis is baptized into the life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We now start on time (weird)--and this event is right at the beginning. Come early, grab some coffee and find your way around the font.

Has anyone seen the white altar cloth? It's gone missing and we need it this Sunday. Hmmm.

Bus stop hospitality outside the Pilney from 7-8AM on Friday. Come for donuts and coffee.