Wild Goose Roadtrip

What if HW went on the road next summer? To say, Chapil Hill, NC?Go on and think about it. Here's a tiny nutshell about the festival...(from their website)...

About WildGoose Festival

The Wild Goose Festival is a festival gathering people together to enjoy each other, hear provocative speakers and extraordinary music, watch dramatic performances and make art, eat together and imagine new life at the intersection of spirituality, justice, and creativity. It’s a journey of anticipation that is spreading its wings June 23-26, 2011 at Shakori Hills in North Carolina. What do we hope the Wild Goose Festival can be?

Potential itinerary: Wed. June 22 Depart St Paul. Travel a long, long, long way. Sleep. Thurs, June 23 Get up and finish the drive to NC. Set up camp. Begin festival participation. Meet other weirdo's. Probably laugh a lot. Fri. Experience communal living. Sat. Look around for a place to shower. Sun. Finish festival. Fill out evals. Exchange addresses with all our new friends. Break camp. Begin long drive home. Process. Mon. Drive until we see the city limits. Oh, the memories.

Costs: Earlybird registration (until Nov. 10) $99 per person. Rental mini-van $450 (5-7 people) Camping $10 per tent Gas $200 (per vehicle) Food $100 per person

Depending on the group's needs/wants/resources...we'd probably sleep on at a host-church or at a camp ground enroute.