reformed, in sharpie

Sunday was Reformation Day. During the prayers, we gathered on both sides of the Pilney door and wrote our reformative prayers for the church. If I were a picture-taking kind of person, I would have captured the image of three generations earnestly praying for this church we love/hate so much.-Lead us to love and embrace those that are strange to us and beloved to you. -Open door-new definition of community. -Teach us to truly love. -Continued work for peace in our homes, in our communities and in our world. God bring us a peace and love that passes all understanding. Let us learn to love all as you have first loved us. -Freedom from oppression. -Deep community. Justice. Peace. Connection here to there. -Lead us in being good stewards of the earth. -Friends and family. -That we understand Jesus' real message and how my life needs to change and care and move and reform. -Help us move past racial prejudices. -To move from fear to action to live what we profess. -Break bread with people. -Welcome all people. -Speak your love into the darkest places. -Red! Red! Blast of Red! Lord, in your mercy. Hear our prayers.