Five things you want to know (just trust me on this one).
1. You can wear costumes to HW on Sunday. I'll be the one in the clerical collar.
2. We will not have a meal post-worship. Go home and eat candy.
3. We will start worship at 4:30PM (rather than whenever the critical mass arrives).
4. Grant Applehans, senior at Luther Seminary and all around good guy with a painted car, is preaching the Good News. Oh, and it WILL be good.
5. A week from Sunday, we have John Hermanson leading his original setting of the mass, Is This the Victory Feast? We will also honor the saints in our lives by reading the necrology (a list of people who have died). Submit the names of your saints to Jodi.
Bonus: Theology on Tap is on Monday. Our final night with Marc-Ostlie-Olson as our guest theologian.