Defy the odds.

There is some crazy number out there for how often Lutherans invite someone to church. And it's like...once every 26 years. Don't believe me? Go on--hunt down the study and report back. Please, prove me wrong. I'd love that. Here's the thing, I know it's awkward. But for cryin out loud--if your faith community means enough to you that you show up on a regular basis--your people might be interested in it. Over half of our population here in the Twin Cities marks "unafiliated" under the "What faith are you?" question. Over half. So, no. Not everyone has a church. Most don't.

There is a deep hunger for connection. To you, to a community, to God. 

To help you get past your "I don't know how to talk about faith, church, God with my people"  issue...consider this. November brings two amazingly easy opportunities for invitation.

One: local singer/songwriter John Hermanson is our artist-in-residence. He's sort of a big deal.john-hermanson So, your conversation could begin with, "Do you know who is coming to lead the liturgy at my church? John Hermanson. You've probably heard him on the Current. You should come."  Then, there they are--there are your people--confessing, hearing words of forgiveness, witnessing death and resurrection, breaking bread, praying for change in the world.

Two: Advent. In a world of soul-sucking commercial holidaze, Advent offers another story. We begin the Saturday evening before Advent with a kick off party. Then we gather every Sunday--in the dark--and light feisty candles of hope.  Our Advent liturgy is Holden Evening Prayer--which is gorgeous and life-giving.

Defy the odds. Invite someone. I dare you.