Lil' Guy Wrestling

You might have been in Lil' Guy Wrestling. You might have played Smack Down on your living room shag carpet. You might have been your classes leg wrestling champion during gym class. But, have you ever tangled with God? Jacob did. And he walked away blessed and limping. This Sunday, we tangle with Jacob tangling with God. We also install our favorite youth and family intern, Michelle Walka. Come and cast your promise of support for her as our leader of all things education and youth.

As it turns out, education is not only for the young. (Whaaaaaat?) Stick around post-worship this Sunday and voice your educational wants and needs. Michelle will lead our conversation. After the first part, our youngsters are invited to stick with the conversation OR watch a Veggie Tales movie. Talking vegetables? Hilarious.

If you still want to turn in your time, talent, energy, money pledge cards...this is the final week.