Our resident theologian

Last April or May, we invited Rev. Marc Ostlie-Olsonmarc to be our guest theologian at Skinner's (Theology on Tap). We cracked open the book, Baptized, We Live by Dan Erlander. By the end of the night, the group collectively decided he needed to return the next month to move us beyond the title page. The thing is--Marc keeps returning.Marc is a fulltime pastor at St Anthony Park Lutheran and gets Mondays off. Most of the time. Except when he hangs out at Skinner's with us. After seven months of teaching/listening/pushing/moving us to ask good questions, we are giving this man a well-deserved sabbatical. Come to our November's TOT so you can say your proper goodbyes, pay your respects, buy him onion rings, have him sign your book. Marc OO, we salute you!