We are giving away money. To you.

I have been doing a series of one on one conversations with you all this summer. I'm not done and I can't wait to meet with those of you still on my list. I am learning so much. One thing that keeps rising to the surface is a sense of fear around money. That there isn't enough. That we don't know what to do with it. That we've made poor decisions in the past. That we aren't being faithful with what we do have.

As our life as a community continues to take shape, we will revisit our relationship with money and possessions often. Certainly, as we gather around the Gospel ”and our lives are shaped by this Living Word” our relationship with money will also be shaped. David Lose writes, “If we do actually trust God, then we will take to heart God's injunction to have compassion on those around us, to be vulnerable to each other, to actually see God in the face of our neighbor's need.

That being said, do you need money? Then come to worship on Sunday. We are giving away money to every single person who walks through the doors of the Pilney. No joke. You are also invited to fill out a pledge card ”a promise” a financial contribution to HW for the next year. (This is not a legal document...no one will call you up and ask you for it if you flake out.) But you do get to practice gratitude, to enable us to continue our work as Christian community and to remove a bit of the fear around your finances.

Our final Sunday with The Little Liturgy. Scarves, shakers and dance steps provided.

After a couple recent encounters, I have realized that I need another person in the Pilney during set up on Sundays. There is safety in numbers. Anyone want to meet me there on Sunday at 3:30PM?