Bless those packs

backpack1This Sunday, bring your backpack or messenger bag (or large purse) because we want to bless it. And you.  In this new season of learning, we'll also pray for students and educators. Summer Homework will ride again! Yesterday, we were granted a grant...isn't that great? Grand? Once again, our proposal was awarded a nice chunk of money that we can use right here in the West End. We are grateful for the Crossing Bridges appeal and the Saint Paul Area Synod. Next spring, we'll put that money into repairing homes and building relationships. We'll need you to help us--and wonder if you might conveniently arrange for a rain-free day? You can? Thank you.

This Sunday, HW will participate in the Little Liturgy (man, you all are so cool and willing and brave) led by Nate Houge. Oh, and we need bread. Anyone want to bring communion bread?