Gospel of Wealth 2

Did you read the article from the New York Times titled the Gospel of Wealth? In many ways, it's incredibly hopeful. I can get onboard with the idea that mega-churches built to meet all our needs are actually contrary to the Gospel. Preach it, man. Making Christianity as easy as possible isn't actually the way of the cross. That blatant consumer Christianity just makes me feel tired. (Ohhh, there's so much more in the article. Go on and read it and improve your mood). All that said, I can't quite fully get on board with David Platt. First of all, he tells his congregation to live on  $50,000 a week and give the rest away. This presumes that the majority of his congregation makes well above $50,000. I'm not sure what the poverty line is in his hometown, buuuut I am willing to bet you one chocolate donut that it's well below $50,000.  Which tells us something of his context.

The other issue has to do with giving and abundance. If I keep $50,000 and give away the rest--I'm giving away the extra--the left-overs--that which I don't really need anyway. What if, instead, we looked at everything we have as a gift. And we give, wildly, first--rather than giving our left-overs. I'm not sure that book idea would sell.