We did it.

We did it. Under Sean's gifted and unassuming (lovely combination) leadership, we sang that liturgy. Naked and exposed and without instrumentation. Sure, it was a bit risky...but please, we are a mission start. If we can't take risks, who can? And ta-da...there is was...parts. Great big thanks to Sean for hanging around with his cool pitch pipe. This month, we welcome back Rachel Kurtz-May. Wander on into the Pilney for some Kurtz-May goodness.

Remember in May when we gathered at Adams park and prayed for bikers? We gathered, heard scripture, prayed and ate cookies. It felt just like church (because it WAS church?) Well, that story has made it onto the ELCA website and into the August Lutheran. Go on and check out Micah Taylor's great photo's...you will probably recognize a few neighbors.