Squatter follow up.

My friend, Kjellgren, sent me a link to this article from the NY Times. It's a nice follow up to our friend of a friend of HW, Bob's, comment that he was "a squatter in a Lutheran church for a few years." Past tense. Read the article--it's fascinating. Once you get past the "oh hey, that's sort of illegal." And, "wow, you might want to shower before putting on that Goodwill suit for your court appearance," you might quickly fall in love with the Freegans. Of course, it makes me think of what I waste. And then five minutes later, I want to make leaps about how the church (broadly speaking) can be so incredibly wasteful. Of resources. Of people. Of time.

It's also been raining for over a week---so crankiness with everything is getting easy to tap today.