A squatter's church

Last night at Theology on Tap (or, "all-age confirmation in a bar"), a friend of a friend of HW said that he's not connected to a church. "Although, I was a squatter in a Lutheran church for a while." I sort of fell in love with that description.  We didn't have time to follow the conversation any further (our confirmation teacher is very strict...runs a tight ship...time to begin, class). But think of what comes to mind when you hear it: "I don't really belong here." "I'm transient." "I am not going to grow roots in this community--so don't get too attached to me." "I'm not ready for anything that hints at permanence." "I am ready, but I don't know how to move from one to the other." "I am ready, but I don't think they are ready for me."  What keeps you around? What is it that nudges you to move from dabbling around the edges into the center of a community?

For the record, we welcome squatters.