Romantic stories from the cute little mission church

"Oh, aren't you just the cutest little mission church!" "You and your weird little refreshing!" I sort of get that a lot. Not exactly those words, but with the same underlying content. Well meaning comments from dear people. I mean no disrespect. We are little. We are a bit, um...odd, perhaps. But, please...let me remove any sentimentality you might try and attach to us.  1. Just after worship, a man who was intoxicated, walked into the Pilney. First he locked eyes on a 3-year-old. When she ran off, he stared with the same intensity at me.  We were just shifting into our weekly potluck, so I invited him to eat with us. He wasn't interested. What he seemed to be interested in was provoking--intimidating me. "Tell me what you are doing?" "What the hell are you talking about?" He was angry and drunk.  He told me things like,  "I'm not here to violate anyone." "I wouldn't hurt anyone physically. Well, unless I was really pushed."  Hmmm, as it turns out, those statements actually make me a bit more anxious about the vulnerablity of this community right now.

This particular Sunday, we had twenty-five kids under 10 years old. Thankfully, a couple of wise and gracious people came over. I'm pretty sure this man's objective was to provoke--but because they were not reacting to him, he moved on.

I felt conflicted about the whole interaction. Thinking, "Wow, the least of these...dang nabbit." But, one of our wise welcomers quickly discerned the whole scene and said, "BS. The 'least of these' in this situation are these kids." Stepping back, I'd have to agree.

2. When I arrived at the Pilney last Sunday, there was a ginormous pile of (human) feces right outside our door. In the middle of the sidewalk, behind the bus stop bench. Good grief. That's too much humanity for me. Oh, don't get me wrong...I wanted to be that servant pastor who could clean it up for the sake of the flock. But, no way in hell. (Justification: it was 90 degrees). Do you know who did? Slade. Without hesitating. Just found some cardboard in the recycling and quietly took care of it. Sheesh. He puts the humble back in the walk.

How's that for a good, romantic comedy?