Guest blog from Rachel Kurtz

We just finished up a month-long guest artist run with singer/songwriter, Rachel Kurtz. Rachel and husband Michael (and son, Henry) brought baby Lucy to our baptismal font last Sunday. What an honor (and responsibility) for our faith community--we get to surround this girl as she grows. Welcome to the glorious struggle, Lucy.  Here is a post-worship reflection from Rachel.

Lucienne Porter May

Having a baby is a wet business. Wet when they slip into the world, wet butts, wet slobbery first kisses, wet slippery baby bodies in the bathtub and tears, sometimes yours and sometimes theirs.

Today my daughter, Lucy, was baptized at Humble Walk, yet another wet affair. Afterward, I straightened her hair. When I touched it, there was something truly holy about it. Like there was heaven in her hair and there was. As my husband and I visited about it tonight we realized we experienced a touch of the divine today. As Michael held our daughter over the font, he looked into her eyes and understood the huge responsibility it is to raise our children and that at that moment God’s promises and grace were being lavished on our daughter. She is marked with the cross of Christ forever. It was so good to be truly present in this holy moment in our daughter’s life.

This community of believers was such an incredible cloud of witnesses to share this day with! To close the day, I put Henry to bed and I was rocking Lucy. As I looked into her deep brown eyes, she laughed the biggest belly laugh of her life. She laughed and laughed.

And God said it was very good. -Rachel Kurtz