No one wants your old church t-shirts.

I have sort of an unhealthy love of t-shirts. It's been my uniform of choice for...oh, all of my life. Sure, I've dabbled in other clothing arenas...a little polyester here, a button shirt there. But things always seem to come back to very lovable t-shirts. The penultimate is a well-worn grass-green number. Doesn't matter what's printed on it--if it's the proper fit (none of those girl extra short sleeves) and color green, Iwill pay upwards of $4 for it at local thrift stores.  Need a visual? Try the homepage. Or any picture taken on a summer youth trip from 95-2000. Every training run for Grandma's Marathon (and the actual race) in 99. Wow, this is getting sort of embarrassing... So, it's now amazingly warm and lovely and time to beef up my t-shirt collection. Last week, I spent an hour combing Valu Thrift's t-shirt collection. As it turns out, a huge portion of said collection were from church events. You know, I'm guessing most thrift shoppers don't want to wear these church event t-shirts. Even ironically.

How about those of us in the church field (and I'm guessing that's all seven of you blog readers) just stop the madness. Unless we need to keep a group of neon-shirted preschoolers together and visable while cleaning ditches (riiiiight), we probably don't actually need event t's. And our people have drawers stuffed with t-shirts. These shirts will just get weeded out and dropped off at Valu Thrift. Don't be a cog in this system!