Small church. Big gospel.

Call it a nutshell description. Or a glimpse of the HW community. But please, don't call it a slogan. Okay, maybe it is a slogan. (I don't want to market Humble Walk--Jesus isn't actually for sale.)   The first thing that people want to know about HW is: How big is it? The question doesn't annoy me. Well, at first it did. Somehow, I felt like I had to defend our community. Or I'd say something snarky like, "Well, we'll probably be adding another service by next Easter." Awkward pause. "I'm just kidding. There are about 30 of us who gather on Sunday."

But lately, I've had two epiphanies. One occured in a gas station in Fergus Falls, MN. One of my family members purchased an impossibly large can of iced tea. Clown-sized, really. I belly-laughed at it's enormity next to my 12 oz can of Diet Coke. When on earth did things get so out of hand in the world of drink manufacturing? What's with the BIG obsession?

The other epiphany came in the kitchen of Dawn  and Jonathan Rundman's. Truthfully, this conversation was over a year ago...but some of us are slow processors. The Rundman's asked how I would describe Humble Walk in a sentence. Something descriptive. "It's like _________ but without the _____________." Or, "it's like ________ plus ___________ with a little __________ thrown in."  According to this music-centered duo, this has proven to be a helpful tool for describing solo artists or bands. (Go on, try it. It's great.)

These two revelations joined forces this week. And here is where they have arrived:

We are claiming small. In the land of big, big, big--small is an asset. Don't apologize--claim it, friends. And those words of forgiveness? Hope? Healing? Transformation? Challenge? Well, they are big. Big like a can of iced tea big. It's the reason we keep coming to the Pilney on Sundays. It's the reason you sometimes cry during confession/absolution.

Behold...Humble Walk's nutshell:

Small church. Big gospel. 

We'll keep claiming this until...well, we are a Medium church. Big gospel.