Summer Homework

Last fall, we applied for and received a nice Grant for Ending Poverty from the Saint Paul Area Synod. It's time to put this grant money to work. Here's the scope:

Humble Walk Summer Homework June 4 and 5 Summer Homework will provide valuable home repairs and services to our  neighborhood, enable both congregation and community members to gift one another with their time and skills, and will create a space to build and strengthen relationships. This program is a natural extension of Humble Walk's incarnational ministry.

Eligible projects include: painting, garbage hauling, landscaping, window repair, gutter cleaning and other home repairs.   Our neighborhood has a higher than average number of single adult home owners for whom basic home maintenance is a burden. Some are on disability. Some are single parents. Others are elderly or struggle with addiction or are over-employed. Whatever the reason, it's time to put our gifts of skilled laborers and hospitality to work.

Amazing things can happen over the course of a work weekend. First names are exchanged and then small talk gives way to deeper conversation and listening. As we wield hammers, haul trash and drink coffee together--we recognize Christ's presence as community is formed. Come be a part of this community service weekend!

We need people to come out and walk the streets with us! This Monday evening, we will begin distributing fliers. No door knocking necessary...just placing fliers in people's doors. Fresh air and exercise for free. Seriously--we need your help. You can even bring a friend to keep you company.