Holy Week for the Masses.

Humble Walk invites you to take part in our Holy Week services. Thursday's Too Much Love meal with Holy Communion. 6PM at the Pilney. The meal will be prepared and ready--you just show up.

Good Friday: Go check out one of those services I sent a couple days ago. A great late addition: Mercy Seat's in NE Minneapolis 8PM. http://www.nemercy.org

Saturday's Easter Vigil: worship with fire, creative storytelling, water, wine and resurrection. After-party with community art, disco ball and pinata (filled with toothbrushes. Maybe). 6PM Saturday at the Pilney. Come--and bring all your people.

Sunday. Not a thing. No services at HW. (Seems that Vigil should be enough). Go on a walk and visit with your neighbors. Or go and visit one of our partner congregations for all the trumpets and dazzle.