Half-baked FB fasts.

It was a good plan. Limit Facebook to Humble Walk-related communication during lent. In place of all this social networking, I would write real letters and notes. The kind with paper and pens and stamps. My goal was 40--one for each day of lent. Well, this lenten discipline has taken a bit of a different slant. Yes, I have mostly kept my FB time within the realm of Humble Walk business. Mostly. It's problematic from the get-go because I can't help but see news and status updates while checking and sending messages. Then I run into people who begin face-t0-face conversations with, "I know you haven't been on FB so you don't this, but..." And then I'm stuck because I either have to play dumb (not difficult) or enter into something defensive "Well, I can't help but see the news while I'm doing Official Important Church Work..."

On the real pen and paper front, forty letters was way too lofty. I can write a quick FB update with child number #2 whining for something in another room. Perhaps even make a comment or two. I cannot, however, write a thoughtful note longer than one sentence with pen and paper. Let's just say I have written a good number of notes and letters. More than average, but definitely not 40.

Finally, I sort of miss the bantering. Much to the chagrin of FB nay-sayers, I like knowing the minutia of your life. It's really where the good stuff happens. I don't necessarily feel left out--but I do miss the connection. Of course, it doesn't replace face-to-face time. Of course, it's an amazing thing to receive a handwritten note in the mail.  But daily reports about your lives are actually life-giving.

In the end, this little half-baked break is doing what it's supposed to...shakes things up, wakes me up, helps me set the reset button and do some reflecting. How is your lenten discipline going?