What does it mean to tithe us members?

The last four weeks, we have been graced by the presence of some fine folks from Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church. How and why? Gustavus wanted to support HW, but didn't just want to write us a check. Okay, they wanted to write us a check---but not just be "the church that wrote us a check." We didn't really want that either...mutuality is so much better for everyone than the "Established Church Who has Money Gives to Scrappy Mission Church" headline.*

So, a plan was hatched. What if Gustavus tithed us a couple households during the season of Lent. A tithe is giving back a portion of what you have received. These folks would become part of our community for a season---we'd all get to know one another around worship and crockpots--then they return to Gustavus with first-hand HW experience. Nice.

I love this sort of thing because it reminds us all that we are not competing for members. (As it turns out, there are plenty of folks unconnected to a church to go around. Don't believe me? Get to know the people on your block).  It also reminds us that the church is so much bigger than our little corner. Or your little corner.

Gustavus friends: we salute (and love) you! 

*Established churches who want to just send us checks...we actually won't stop you.