Easter Vigil

Humble Walk is hosting an Easter Vigil this year (on the Saturday before Easter Sunday). It seems fitting for our community. We know darkness---where fear, anxiety and death live. We also know light---where joy, hope and life live. Most of us live somewhere in between those two places...often teetering between them. This is Holy Saturday---between the sorrow of Good Friday and the joy of Easter's Resurrection. This Easter Vigil will begin in darkness and end with a party. Ideally, we would keep vigil all night and bust out the OJ and pancakes at first light. However, I gave up all-night church events about year five of my decade in youth ministry. (My motto being: "Nothin' good happens after midnight."  But that's a whole other conversation.)  So, we will cheat a bit and end this vigil as if it's dawn. With rich food, music and a pinata.

Anyone have a disco ball? What about a small portable BBQ? (The night begins with a fire...)See full size image

Come! Be a part of the drama with us. This is the night where you will hear/see all the great stories of deliverance in the Old Testament. Creation, Red Sea crossing, Valley of Dry Bones, Jonah and Daniel (to name a few). In the next couple weeks at worship, you can sign up for one of these stories and work with a team to bring it to life.

Want inspiration? Check this out: http://sarcasticlutheran.typepad.com/sarcastic_lutheran/holy_week/