Supporting Humble Walk

    A number of you have asked how you can support us. Well, this is from our support page on the website. But, in an effort to be redundant--here you go:     Since we are created with a need to give, we provide space within our worship to do just that: give. Some of us are able to give money, some of us are able to give time. Some of us are able to share our amazing gifts. During worship, we pass around an offering can where you can

1. Give a portion of the money that God has given to you. 2. Sign up to bring communion bread. 3. Sign up to serve communion  4. Sign up to take home the community dishes and bring them back the next week. 5. Volunteer to write/lead community prayers.

     Looking for other ways to support Humble Walk? Well, look no further. Below you will find all sorts of ways you can undergird this new ministry of the Lutheran church.

Pray for us. Sure, it seems a tad obvious--but we mean it. Pray for us as we continue to figure out how to be church with one another for the world.

Tell your friends about us. Not only your friends who are happily connected to a faith community, but also the other ones...the ones who are searching for a place to find community and vibrant worship.

Donate something from this list of current needs:   NRSV Bibles for all age levels (we have specific ones in mind--please ask Jodi),  healthy snacks in bulk (pretzels, Goldfish, fresh fruit, granola bars, raisins), art supplies, fair trade coffee, supplies for Wild Wednesdays--our summer program (jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, playground balls, bike helmets, bubbles)

Money: You have some extra lying around? Send it to us. We'll put it to good use--we promise. Checks can be made payable to the Saint Paul Area Synod--Humble Walk and sent to: SPAS 105 W University Ave, St Paul MN 55103.

Gift cards: As a pastor living in this community, I frequently come into contact with people who have trouble meeting their basic needs.  Gift cards are a small and beautiful way to help those in financially vulnerable places. Send gifts from Target, Cub or Mississippi Market to the synod office (listed above.)