Bread for the masses. Bread for the mass.

focaccia1 On Sunday, as part of our communion instruction, a group of youngsters and parents gathered together to prepare bread for worship. They mixed, measured and baked round loaves of focaccia.

All four loaves were piled onto the communion plate--turning our altar into a visual aid for the idea of "a foretaste of the feast to come." The first kid up to the table asked whose loaf we were using. I looked down and realized they had put their initials in their loaves.

"Uh-oh," I thought. "This is going to be an issue." They are going to know which loaf we used--which is a big deal to a five or six-year-old. We needed to use all four loaves during communion. The Body of Christ is plentiful, friends. You will need both hands to receive it! We managed to use a portion of each loaf--and all the leftover pieces were gathered up and moved to our potluck line after worship. People hovered over those leftovers chunks--mostly because the kids made amazing bread.

Sometimes the line between communion table and potluck table is fuzzy. Christ's broken body is given and shed for you. For us. And this broken body of Christ (the gathered) continually gives to one another in the sharing of a meal. What a feast.