What church growth looks like at HW

The Pilney building where we meet for worship does not have a kitchen. We have a post-worship meal/potluck every week. From the beginning of our eating together, we said we would be a low-impact community. Paperplates and cups are not an option. Instead, we have a big Rubbermaid tote filled with clean dishes (all from second-hand shops around the area). We have another bin for collecting dirty dishes. Each week, some saint takes home the dirty dish bin and brings them back all sparkling clean. Sure, there are risks involved in this system.What if no one volunteers to take the dirty ones? What if the person who takes them home doesn't return the next week? What if we turn out of be lame dishwashers?

No worries. Suffice to say--we are a responsible lot.

We are also growing--both in depth of relationships and size of community. In the last few months, our community has grown beyond our dish supply. What a nice problem--and lovely excuse for hitting up St Vin's on W. 7th Street.

Come-experience the new church growth movement and dirty a few garage sale dishes with us. This week, we welcome Slade Thompson into the pulpit as he shares what, "Go in peace. Serve the Lord." looks like in his world. We are also graced by the musical leadership of Jonathan Rundman.