You want drama?

All those reality shows highlight our propensity for drama. Our ears perk up at the slightest hint of a good story...a juicy tidbit. While I claim to love the minutiae of daily life, I, too, lean forward to hear something good. Life in the liturgical world is about to get crazy again. Lean forward, people... This Sunday is Transfiguration Sunday: the altar cloth turns to white, Moses and Jesus take on a Casper-like glow and no one really knows what in the heck it all means. Plus, singer/songwriter Jonathan Rundman undergirds worship with his fine music. We paint a ton of alleluia's and then bury them until the Easter Vigil.

Ash Wednesday:ash-cross

Wednesday, February 17, we gather together at 6:30PM at the Pilney for a simple service as we welcome the season of Lent. "You are dust. And to dust you will return."

Sunday, February 21, we begin our Lenten series, "Go in peace. Serve the Lord." Each week, we hear the story of what, "Go in peace. Serve the Lord." looks like from someone in our community. Singer/songwriter Justin Rimbo leads us in worship---as we bust out the great Lenten hymns.