Here are a few things to mull over while you eat your sandwich:sandwich 1. Theology on Tap this Monday at Skinners. Come study the book of Revelation with Professor Craig Koester (smarty, Mcsmarty). Our own Jill Abenth will serve as your table host.

2. We served at Feed My Starving Children on Tuesday night. I love that we  had nearly as many people serving as we do in worship. Seems right.

3. Communion instruction is available for anyone who is interested (if you have never had it...you might want to consider it). This is take-home work--not classroom.

4.  It's annual report time. And I am delighted to report that we are growing--fifty people call HW home (yes, I counted YOU). And we have given well above what we had hoped for during 2009. In leadership, time, behind-the-scenes dish washing and money. Thank you for sharing.

5. Ash Wednesday is just around the corner--plan to worship with us at the Pilney. Singer/songwriter, Justin Rimbo kicks off Lent with us. And his guitar.

6. Pastor MaryKaye Ashley brings the good word this Sunday. Preach it, Pastor. Preach it!

Now, go have some dessert. There will be enough time for abstaining during Lent.