Neon Orange Hot City Advent Prayers...Rise!

Someone described last week at HW as:  bold, beautiful, messy, wonderful. Yes, sometimes it is all that plus a never-ending pilgrimage to the bin of cheese balls. ballz We are staring down the final week of Advent worship in all it's Holden Evening goodness. Come sing and pray with us and watch/smell the incense rise. Or the prayers rise like incense. Or the incensed prayers rise. A big heartfelt thank you to Will Bill and the Vigilantes of HW for providing the beautiful music this month.

Christmas comes early this year--in the form of Hot City Pizza. Instead of a potluck, this week our meal is provided by fine folks across the street from the Pilney. (Yes, you sure can bring some cash to throw into the pizza hat).

Christmas Eve worship on Thursday, Dec. 24 at 4:30 at the Pilney. Silent Night, individuals candles, and choose-your-own-part in the Christmas story.