F is for Failing

letter-f We are failing and we do fail. Humble Walk can just go ahead and claim it. It's okay. Actually, it is more than okay—it's expected. I'm not talking about failing in the sense that we are about to close the door on this thing. (Which many, many mission starts do before their first-year anniversary for a variety of reasons). I am talking about creating the perfect faith community.


Define the perfect church however you see it: always welcoming or hip but not trendy or intellectual or engages all ages or traditional or nontraditional or low or high. Like every other congregation, we are trying to figure out how to do church. And as earnest as we might be, we fail. Because, as it turns out, that old Sunday School standard (which my teacher played on a record that was flexible—weird, but functional) “I am the church. You are the church. We are the church together.” Insert eye roll, but it's true. And when the thing you are doing or creating depends upon a group of humans interacting---oh, baby...it's just a matter of time 'til the thing scores a big fat F on it's report card.


This is where many of us get stuck. We come up with our reasons that the whole endeavor of church doesn't meet our expectations so either we give up or we keep searching and therefore never engage. What a shame. Because if we went the other direction—and said we'd give this thing a go even if it isn't perfect—we'd not only meet a bunch of other failing people (failures!), but we'd hear words that matter. Words like, “You are forgiven.” “Those old tapes playing in your head that tell you are not good enough do not define you.” “You are loved and known by the God of the universe.”


This Sunday, Pastor Paul Erickson (my boss, people!) will bring us the Good News. Sure, this Good News involves calling us a brood of vipers—but hang in there, my beloved brood. Christmas is coming.


Come and celebrate Christmas at the Pilney with us. Silent Night worship where you can choose your own part in the Christmas story. Costumes, candles and carols provided. 4:30PM Christmas Eve.