In the spirit of the season

Man, I am just so grateful for our Humble Walk community. Grateful for the whole sha-bang. The whole, wild kit and kaboodle.-For those who find their way to worship. -For those who pray from the outer edges. -For those who we get to hang around in the West End. -For those who believe in what we are doing. -For those who get excited about large bins of cheese balls at worship. -For those who send quilts! Bags and bags of quilts! -For those who knit and sew hats. -For those who feed us each week (literally). -For those willing to lead. -For those willing to follow. -For those under eighteen who keep us all on edge and honest.

Advent Kickoff (Tip off?) Party at the Houge household on Saturday. 3-5PM. Of course you are invited. Of course you can bring friends and enemies. Just let Jodi know by Friday.

Our own Matt Holm has created a piece of Advent art for us. Find your way over on Sunday and look for it in the Pilney window.

Advent worship (luminaries, advent wreath, Holden Evening Prayer service) begins this Sunday at 4:30PM. Follow the trail of lights to the Pilney.

In Christ, Rev. Jodi Houge (who thanks God for you)