So, what exactly do you do with your time?

A couple weeks ago, I had coffee with an old friend. We were friends back in my early twenties—back when I had plans to be in business, or marketing, or creative something something. (I actually had no idea what you could do with an organizational communications degree. Come to think of it, that has not really changed). Fast forward 15 years and my friend is now having lunch with Reverend Houge. A little weird for him—what with me making him bow and call me Righteous Reverend, but a great catchup just the same. He asked what I do with my time. “I mean, besides that hour of worship on Sunday.” Then the conversation shifted and I never got around to answering. He isn't the first person to ask this question. Last week, I kept a log of my work hours and what I did during them. My position is part time, which means 20 hours a week. Most weeks, I try hard to stay close to 20 to be fair to everyone (me, those folks I live with, the community).

Monday  6:30-10PM Theology on Tap at Skinner's Pub Tuesday  1-2:30PM Conversation with a neighborhood about her life Wednesday  8:30-10:30AM Text study with other pastors at Gingko Coffee House  10:30-11:30AM Returned phone calls (in my car)  Noon-1 Lunch with a HW-er at Mai Village  1-2:30PM Met with my director at the synod office Thursday 9-11AM blog, web update, returned emails at home  Noon-4PM grant writing, sermon prep at Fresh Grounds Sunday 7-9:30AM sermon writing at Caribou  2:30-7PM worship (set up and clean up included) at the Pilney All said, l think it was 27 hours last week. More than I planned, but some weeks are like that. My office hours are different than most pastors since we do not have a building or an office space. Lucky me—I know most of my baristas by name.

There. Mystery revealed.

Join us this Sunday for our final week of All Saints Liturgy (where more mysteries will be revealed).