I'm out.

On Reformation Sunday, I busted out my clerical collar. All gussied up in a black short-sleeved clerical shirt from Almy. As it turns out, it's still not all that comfortable. clerical-collar So, why? Sometime after the first week of our summer program (Wild Wednesdays),  it occured to me how many roles I play. And how confusing it is for my own kids when I make the shift from mom to pastor presiding at worship. So it has to be confusing for kids when I shift from neighbor to preacher.  A uniform helps.

One general guideline for pastors is that your congregation is your congregation---not a place to look for friends. There are boundaries in place so that it doesn't get confusing for either side. I get it and believe there is wisdom in this practice. However, when you start a church with your neighbors/friends in mind--it gets fuzzy very quickly. Quite honestly, I think we are all trying to figure this out. The collar helps all of us remember that the role that I am playing on Sunday evening  is pastor.

That collar will never be as comfortable as the worn out Goodwill t-shirt uniforms that I wear the other six days. But it helps me remember that we aren't just hanging out. We are gathered around Good News, water, wine and bread. We are pausing--setting apart this time at the Pilney for something odd and holy.

(Although, please let me know if you have any leads on a t shirt clerical)