Reformation meet Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest meet Reformation

You know those choose your own ending books? I think this Sunday might be "choose your own theme." You could go with Reformation Sunday: where the altar cloth changes to red, we sing A Mighty Fortress, we put our fists in the air for Martin Luther and all this 95 critiques of the church, and we eat food with red dye #40.

OR, we could go with Oktoberfest-where we think kindly of our German friends and eat sausage and kraut and drink root beer. Auf Deutsch, bitte.

OR, we could smile kindly on a local senior at Luther Seminary as he brings us the Gospel and sermon. Matt Mastermind Maas, we salute you.

OR, we could initiate Synod Appreciation Day as we welcome Marla Amborn for worship and a conversation over the meal.

OR, you can choose none of the above and do whatever the heck you want.

This is the last Sunday of our Old Fashioned Liturgy from our own Erik Ritland. We begin the new All Saints Liturgy, led by Erin, Jason, Erica and Ben on November 1.