Church Nerd Alert!

Hang onto your liturgical hats, friends. The church calendar year is about to get crazy. We celebrate Reformation Day on October 25 (with the honorable Matthew Maas-- Luther Seminary senior--preaching). Then November 1 is All Saints Day--a time when we remember all of our beloved people (saints) who have died and recognize the grief we all bear. The first four weeks in November, HW will be gifted by beauty and grace in the music department. Erin and Jason DeBoer-Moran and Erika and Ben Dolmar will lead us in the All Saints Liturgy.

THEN, it's Advent...but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Because this week is our third installment of Old Fashioned Liturgy. Our potluck theme is Ladies Aid. Think: sloppy joes, pickles, ham buns, red jello, weak coffee. We will also launch our Metro Transit Case Study--observing our bus stop. What time does it come? Who gets off? Who gets on?