I am in the middle of a church conference called Christianity 21. C21 is a gathering of church leaders, speakers, artists and writers from all over the country--converging to hear ideas from 21 emerging leaders for faith in the 21 century. Many, many thoughts are rumbling through my head--I wish my entire HW community was here to take this in and help me process. One of the best moments for me was hearing Seth Donovan speak about the role of confession. Seth is part of House in Denver and she said the most important part of worship for her is confession.  "Confession is the one thing that sticks out---the thing that I can't find anywhere else in my life. Confession is the one place where I can be wrong. It's the one space where I am not defending myself."

Seth went on to talk about the things that have to be in place in order for her to be able to enter a worshipping community and confess (both her transgressions and her faith). Namely, a space must be made for her to fully enter--as herself, without compartmentalizing her life.  She also needs to know that whether she is right or wrong--she is loved. Deeply loved.