Weekly Reader

Hi HW community. Greetings from our old stomping grounds at Fresh Grounds. If you miss Barista Max as much as I think you do, stop by for a $2 latte tomorrow. Seriously--any size--$2. Call it Recession Coffee. Wait, that might actually be Folgers. 1. We are in the midst of a new liturgy compiled by Erik Ritland. October Rocktober--with Hank Williams and someone named Public Domain.

2. This week, we were gifted with a box of handknit winter hats. They are from the fine knitters at Zion Lutheran of Amor in Battle Lake, MN. We get to distribute them to folks who need them. We might need to keep our eyes on that bus stop. Hot coffee, warm hats...

3. Theology on Tap is coming to Skinner's Pub! Monday, October 12 at 7PM. This month's questions: What makes a Lutheran a Lutheran? How do you picture God? Rev. Kae Evensen is taking a night off of powerlifting to join us as our guest theologian.

4. We welcome Mary Kaye Ashley as our guest preacher this Sunday. Rev. Ashley is currently serving at Como Park Lutheran. If you have been to any local Lutheran events involving singer/songwriters--you might have run into her already.

5. Last week, HW excelled at Breakfast potluck. This week, our theme is Mexican.

6. I'll be attending a conference on Friday/Saturday called Christianity 21. HW's friend, Rev. Nadia Boltz-Webber from House for All Saints and Sinners in Denver is one of the presenters.

In Christ, Rev. Jodi Houge (who is still eating leftover Boo Berry Crunch)